The Process


   This is NOT a reading done by me but an opportunity for you to see and experience a past life through your own senses. The technique is called “Hypersentience” (beyond the senses) or “Expanded Consciousness State”.

   It is NOT hypnosis and you are not “out” or “under” anything but remain completely conscious during the session and will remember everything you experienced. You can also open your eyes at any time and end the session. It is simply a deeply relaxed state.

 This state is achieved through a series of breathing exercises and visualization techniques which allow you to tap into your subconscious where all past life memories are stored. This is often called the “Akashic Records.”

 When you tap into your subconscious, a great deal of info floods out. My role in the process is to act as a guide to help you focus on individual pieces in order to help you see and experience the process more clearly. I never lead, direct or encourage you to see something that you aren’t already seeing. For example, you may say, “I’m in a village” and I would say “look around, what do you see, are there people there, what are they wearing, etc!”

   Most clients “land” between their 9th and 13th year in that life although some begin a little older. You may be male or female (the soul has no gender) so don’t be surprised by that. I have often found that if the person in the past life cannot read, then writing may make no sense to you as you experience it

   Most people experience the past life as they do their present life: through their own eyes. Others have reported they view it as if watching a video but they know which person is them. Still others alternate between the two possibilities. After helping the client to establish himself firmly in the life, I am able to move the person along within that life, either in five year increments or by moving to next most important event. Obviously we cannot sit for 75 years and experience every moment of that life. Besides, as in our present life, there are moments, like laundry, we don’t want to relive.

   I always take the person up to and through the death of that body as I believe it helps to realize that if you’re lived before, you’ve also died before and therefore, have already survived death.

   Please remember that for every Napoleon and Cleopatra there were thousands of people who lived and died in relative obscurity. While it is possible you were one of these famous people, it is more likely you were an everyday person as we are today, with the same or similar joys and troubles.

   Please feel free to email or call me with any additional questions or concerns that are not addressed on this website.