I learned the “Hypersentience” technique of recovering past life memories form Dr. John Soric of the Reincarnation Studies Center, then in Austin, Texas. He came to Syracuse in 1974 to do a training session for a paranormal group to which I belonged.

   In addition to my full time career managing Community Residences for Developmentally Disabled Adults and my active “side” career in theatre, I have been performing Past Life Recall Sessions for private clients for over 37 years, mostly on a “word of mouth” basis and referrals from previous clients. I managed to fit them in between work and my other pursuits.

   Since retiring from my working career, I decided, having more free time, to make the sessions available to a wider audience of possibly interested people. I began advertising and was asked to participate in a local Psychic Fair in July 2010 and then was asked to have a booth at the New Moon Psychic and Holistic Expo in Rochester a few months later. Since then I have done the same two fairs above but also fairs in Utica and Watertown.

    I am often asked what the purpose is of looking into one’s pasts lives. Personally, I believe that the understanding of who we are and WERE, is a valuable part of understanding ourselves and how the past, present and future all intersect. I also believe that it helps to understand (as, oddly many people don’t) that if you have lived a past life and have already died a past death, then you have already survived death. I think this helps people to feel more comfortable with that inevitable transition.

    I have done sessions with a great many people who have found possible explanations for fears or questions in their lives based on something that was triggered from a past life that no longer belongs in their current life. I have had some wonderful experiences along the way and hope to continue to allow others to experience that as well. Thank you!