FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(Please read prior to your session)


=Will I be hypnotized 

   No! You will not be “out” or “under” anything and you will NOT leave the room! You will be completely conscious throughout the entire experience simply with your eyes closed to allow visualization

 =Will I remember what I have experienced?

  You will have complete memory of what you experience. As a courtesy, your session will be audio taped on cassette for future reference.

 =How will I see a past life?

  Beginning with a series of relaxation and visualization techniques, you will be able to “slip into” a former life. Some clients see the life as they experience their current life – through their own eyes. Others see it as if viewing a videotape and still others alternate back and forth

=May I see a particular/specific life

 Not necessarily! Usually in a first session you will go to a life which has the most influence upon your current life. After the first experience, I can often guide you to a particular time or place in a later session.

=Are there any after effects?

   Not of the actual experience, however, some clients may have “flashes” of memory of things they saw or heard for several days afterward. These are merely memories that pop up and not “flashbacks” in the sense of a drug trip!

=What is the value of experiencing a past life?

   I believe that part of coming to understand WHO you are, also includes understanding some of who you have BEEN. Not necessarily the specific person, but the personalilty and lessons learned in previous lives that can be recalled as a path to self-understanding. Often problems or issues in this life may have a basis in a previous life and, therefore, do not belong here. Possibly events or issues that were never dealt with in the previous life pop up when faced with a similar issue in the present life.,These could have been triggered by similar circumstances in the present life but without the same outcome as in the past life and, once understood, can dissipate. I also personally believe that it is helpful to accept that if you have lived a previous life, you have already survived death as you must die in the past life before being born into another. Many don’t stop to think of this important implication in exploring past lives.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions at the time of your session

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